Adoption Process

Adoption is unlike purchasing a pet in a store:  it is an opportunity to find a pet suited to become your family member.  These little fuzzies have been found or surrendered and need permanent  homes with a loving family to care for and spoil  them  until they must go to the Rainbow Bridge. 

When they came to us, we quarantined them for 2 weeks to avoid spreading any communicable disease and during that time, we take them to the vet for a thorough exam, distemper and rabies shots.  Visiting the vet and updating shots is an annual necessity.

We provide spacious cages, out of cage playtime, stimulating activities, premium food, fresh water and cozy warm hammocks for naps.  If the ferret is too old or has health issues that prevent adoption, they will remain with us for the rest of their lives and we care for them, provide medical care, and love them like our own until their time comes. 

If they are adoptable, we list them and take applications, which we review carefully.  These applications can be found under Adoption Applications.  Vet references for applicants’ current or previous pets are of utmost importance;  we do verify these.

Playpen for SafetyWe encourage applicants to research ferrets and their habits and care online or at the local library prior to applying.  “Ferrets for Dummies, 2nd ed.” is highly recommended.  After we review and approve your application (may take a couple of days) we invite you to come visit the ferrets.  Our shelter is in our home, so we don’t have regular “business hours”.  If you currently have a ferret and he is up-to-date on shots and healthy, feel free to bring them at this time to meet their new cage mate.  After you have met the ferrets, we arrange a time convenient for you to visit your home and see where the ferrets will be living.  Since they require out-of-cage time, we suggest a “ferret proof” room or small animal playpen.  At this time we will answer any questions you may have regarding safety and we will discuss “ferret proofing”.   If we get to this point, it is very likely you will be approved and can pick up your new family member.  

We ask $100 for singles and $150 for bonded pairs.  Should your ability or desire to care for your ferret change in the future, we stipulate that you return him to us, rather than giving to a 3rd party.  These little ones have been shuffled around too much already.

Thank you again for your interest in adoption and we look forward to helping you find your new family member.