The Ultimate Ferret Bedding

When we started getting more and more ferrets, we naturally needed more bedding, which was expensive and largely uninspired.  I began to make simple bedding  from fleece — it was warm and soft, which they loved, and washable, which I loved.  I developed patterns, stitched hammies and sleep sacks which I tried out on my tribe.  I made adjustments and improvements; making them more comfortable, more user friendly, more versatile. 

Though I started making bedding for my ferrets and for shelters and rescues, it was just a short jog to making luxury ferret bedding for others devoted to their furry friends. 

I started to experiment with other fabrics, keeping my criteria simple:

  1. comfortable
  2. washable
  3. attractive

Always I constructed them with durability and safety in mind.  The resulting products are unique, quality creations that you will be proud to display in your fuzzy’s cages, but more importantly, your  fuzzies will be cozy and well cared for!  The proceeds from these items go directly back to maintaining our refuge and caring for our fuzzy little friends.