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There you will learn:

  • Do they prefer having other ferrets or would they rather be the only ferret in the home?
  • Is there any history on their last home and how they came to rescue?
  • Are they super snuggly? Or super playful?
  • Do they love their toys madly or prefer their humans to be their toys?
  • Are they shy? Or bold?
  • Do they have special needs?

All ferrets are current on vaccinations.

Standard adoption fee: $75 for a single ferret and $125 for a bonded pair.

Special arrangements are made if the ferret(s) you rescue have been diagnosed as adrenal and are implanted with Deslorlin implant. Dr. Lennox of Avian and Exotic will continue to administer the implants annually at a 20% discount upon presentation of adoption contract with “Adrenal Implant’ clause.