We were looking for a companion…

“We were looking for a companion for our ferret and were guided to Five Points by our veterinarian. I was very happy to see the wonderful environment and living spaces where each of the ferrets there are cared for daily. They took the time to get to know our family and also help us to better care for our ferrets and make life easier for ourselves. We adopted a ferret who is the perfect fit not just for the humans in our family but for our existing ferret as well.”

~ Charles Thomas



Wow, let’s talk…

Wow, lets talk…talk about the Fabulosity, the ULTRA comfy, the Fantastic softness, the stitchery made to last for eons…the dynamic color coordination in putting together sets for furries….the Gorgeous and only the Finest of materials and the true LOVE that goes into auntie Brenda’s work…..I am still waiting for my human size sleepsack…cuz that is where I will stay – in between giving meds and caring for my furries!!!

~ Susie and the Fursnakes @ WeezleWings Ferret Sanctuary!
~ shelter mom and no.1 fan of Auntie Brenda’s creations!!