Five Points Ferret Refuge

The Benefits of Fostering Rescue Ferrets!

Some of us would give almost anything to have the joy of ferrets in our home again, but although we have the space and time for them, we don't have the extra in our budget to properly feed them or get them veterinary care when needed.

At the same time that we are longing for the sounds of happy 'dooks' around us, there are rescue ferrets that cannot be outright adopted. Maybe they are older, or bonded with another ferret. Sometimes they need extra care due to a long-term health issue. These ferrets are longing for their very own human. They wish they could hear a loving voice from a member of their own family. They are longing for YOU. Are you able to foster?

Five Points Ferret Refuge will NEVER fail to be a sanctuary for those ferrets that most people aren't equipped to bring into their lives. However, a loving foster home gives these fuzzbutts the extra joys of being in their own home while allowing Five Points to ensure that the ferrets and their foster parents have the resources needed to provide a good life for these precious little spirits. Not sure if you have the knowledge to foster? Come volunteer with us and learn all that you will need to know!

Message from Alana of Five Points Ferret Refuge on fostering...

Fostering with Five Points is similar to adoption, but instead the ferret(s) still belong to the refuge, and vet appointments/bills are handled by us. All food, medicine, housing, bedding, etc. expenses will be paid by us as well. Only experienced ferret homes are able to foster, due to fosters either being sick, old, or both. If you have been accepted for adoption, and are interested in fostering, please say so in the application in the comments section at the bottom of the application. Give us a call, or feel free to message me, and I can direct you. You can fill out an application, and find more info here:

Get to know our ferrets looking for a foster-forever home!