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Five Points Ferret RefugeWe have been rescuing ferrets since 2009 in the Indianapolis area.  We began innocently enough, searching for a couple of personal pets and discovered so many ferrets in need of good homes.  Unable to find a local rescue, we took in several and while having them vetted, our veterinarian suggested we start rescuing.  Unknowingly, we already were.

All too soon, we realized we would not be able to care for all the ferrets who were coming to us;  we would have to find homes for them.  The quest for loving “forever” homes began in earnest and continues, as more fuzzies find their way to our home. 

We are sharing pictures of our ferrets here and information for those of you who are thinking about adoption and ferret ownership, and  we have included an adoption application for those who have made up their minds.

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